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    Armory Fighter // A.K.A. Des-Super-Moja-Key-Hunter

    Ojama Joker

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    Armory Fighter // A.K.A. Des-Super-Moja-Key-Hunter

    Post  Ojama Joker on Tue May 04, 2010 8:30 am

    I think of the oddest names...

    [1] Summoner Monk
    [1] Rescue Cat
    [1] Dark Armed Dragon
    [1] Mystic Tomato
    [1] Cyber Dragon
    [2] Keymouse
    [2] Moja
    [2] Des Koala
    [3] X-Saber Airbellum
    [3] Ryko, the Lightsworn Hunter
    [3] Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
    [2] Flamvell Firedog
    [3] Flamvell Magician

    [3] Book of Moon
    [2] Pot of Avarice
    [1] Rekindling
    [1] Mystical Space Typhoon
    [1] Heavy Storm
    [1] Giant Trunade
    [1] Brain Control
    [1] Cold Wave

    [2] Bottomless Trap Hole
    [2] Dimension Prison

    The thread title is a hint at what the decks main aim may be. Heavy Monster line up is counter by searchers in the deck and the odds stack up that Ryko should mill monsters more than magic/spells.

    Just trying to roll a few things into one go. The deck does have a OTK combo build in it, hence why cold wave is added here.

    A god hand would be:

    Mystic Tomato
    Cold Wave/Heavy Storm/Giant Turnade
    Rescue Cat
    (Opponent needs a 1900 ATK+)

    Set Tomato. Dies I get Summoner Monk. Heavy Storm the Field. Ditch a spell for Monk and get Magician. Synchro for Col. Fighter. Summon Rescue Cat and get a Key mouse and Des Koala //or// Moja and X-Saber Airbellum. Synchro for Armory arm. Equip it to my opponent's monster, now as long as its above Col Fighters ATK I can keep hitting it till my Opponent burn's themselfs to death.

    This deck isn't soley based on this combo, but it's a easy combo to drum up if I want a good out. So the deck is still playable just thats a OTK a few decks can play about with.

    Comments//Suggestions//Cookies//andFreePhotoshopCS4Legit are welcome here.

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