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    Post  Purple Ninja on Sun May 30, 2010 2:27 pm

    This is my first time building a gravekeepers build, i am unable to get my hands on Vissionary (i think?) but that level 8 one with the whole "tribute 1 gravekeeper monster" effect at the beggining of the card text, anyway i could really use a hand with this so as per usual here is the list so any help is really appreciated

    Monsters: 21

    3x Gravekeepers Cheif
    3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
    2x Vanities Feind

    3x Gravekeepers Spy
    3x Gravekeepers Descendant
    3x Gravekeepers Commandent
    2x Gravekeepers Gaurd
    2x Gravekeepers Preistess

    Spells: 13

    3x Necrovalley
    3x Royal Tribute
    2x Gravekeepers Stele
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Giant Trunade
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Brain Control
    1x Soul Exchange

    Traps: 6

    3x Rite of Spirit
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Deck Devestation Virus
    1x Dust Tornado

    as per usual any help is appreciated

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