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    Genex Frog

    Purple Ninja

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    Genex Frog

    Post  Purple Ninja on Tue May 25, 2010 11:43 am

    i litterally threw this up today after reciveing a bunch of cards from 8 packs of shining darkness (otherwise i pulled crap all, Zero Max, Rose Bird and a bunch of crap rares) but i decided that i would throw up this deck as a lol idea and actually it has worked ok, it was kind of like Frog Monarch but i don't have a lot of Frogs so went with something like this instead, obviously if i get more frogs i will run more frogs but until then i am happy with this deck, but any advice you can give is useful

    Monsters: 23

    3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
    2x Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
    2x Mobius the Frost Monarch
    1x Light and Darkness Dragon

    3x Genex Controller

    3x Genex Undine
    2x Swap Frog
    2x Treeborn Frog
    2x Fishborg Blaster
    1x Dupe Frog
    1x Ronintoadin
    1x Sangan

    Spells: 13

    3x Soul Exchange
    2x Pot of Avarice
    2x Smashing Ground
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Giant Trunade
    1x Cold Wave
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Brain Control
    1x Salvage

    Traps: 4

    1x Rageki Break
    1x Trap Dustshoot
    1x Dust Tornado
    1x Torrential Tribute

    so any help is useful as always thanks a bunch


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